The Land ::
Drop Shadow


The Land is East Coast freeriding. We immerse ourselves in the environment and design a trail that fits best with the contours of the earth and the natural resources we have to work with. Our motivation is constructing trails that challenge us as riders. To build outside of our comfort zone and elevate our skills to match.

Our foundation for building stunts are basic construction principles. We use hardwoods for structural and load bearing support, then deck with rough split oak 4x4's. Trails are progressively built from top to bottom. We discuss safety, flow, trail character, and stunt features up front. We sketch out ideas, review the speed and physics behind them, and check our material resources for the most efficient build. Once we agree to an overall concept, we stake out and string line the entire stunt, checking it for proper angles from all directions. Every stunt is tested in stages and adjustments in angles and placement are made if needed. It's a logical and thorough process which yields excellent results.

With the advances in building techniques we've learned over the years, we're now able to construct most major stunts in just days. The more we build, the faster and easier it gets. The crew works seamlessly, intuitively jumping in where needed and helping without instruction. It's fast and efficient, but not without a healthy amount of friendly teasing with each other. There are always different opinions. We respect the differences, make a decision, and move on. As a team, none of our individual ideas become a reality. It's a mixture of all our ideas that always prevails. When a stunt is done, it literally becomes the perfect stunt for that location.

Trail and stunt design is a mixture of art and science. It's an organic, natural, and free flowing process. While we've read many books and studied trail design theories, there's nothing more important to trail building than experience. What looks good on paper or worked somewhere else, doesn't always match the trails and environment you're building on. The true learning comes with doing. To make progress you have to be there on the ground, riding and building continuously, making lots of mistakes and constantly learning from them. The Land crew is always improving but nothing is built without total attention to aesthetically pleasing features, naturally built stunts, and hand crafted quality.