RIT School of Design

MAR.2014 :: David Royka attempts a [r]evolution in education with developing Design Youniversity. Design Youniversity will teach world-class design principles, skills, and knowledge online for free! A Kickstarter campaign to fund the project seeks the world's help in making it happen!
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RIT School of Design

AUG.2011 :: David Royka is hired full-time by the Rochester Institute of Technology and promoted to Assistant Professor. David teaches 10 Graphic Design courses for the School of Design. While teaching, David is also pursuing his MFA in Computer Graphics Design and graduates in 2014.
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RIT School of Design

SEP.2010 :: David Royka begins teaching 3 new courses at RIT's College of Imaging Arts & Sciences. One being a comprehesnsive portfolio development course for Graduate Graphic Design students. The program has been by rated by US News & World Report among the top 10% of MFA programs nationwide.
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Director and Cameraman Denver Miller

SEP.2008 :: David Royka becomes an Adjunct Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and teaches advanced design concepts for the School of Design. BusinessWeek magazine ranks the School of Design as one of the best design schools worldwide.
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Gold International Summit Award

APR.2007 :: A Gold International Summit Award was won for the website design of the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences (CIAS). Working for K2, David Royka creative directed and managed the college's brand development during the intensive 18 month long project incorporating six schools and two departments.
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The Land Freeride Bike Park

FEB.2005 :: For more than 20 years David Royka has been an avid mountain biker. His riding passion fueled the creation of a private bike park designed for intermediate and advanced freeriders. Construction continues yet the evolution of The Land Freeride Bike Park has already made a noticeable impact on the sport of freeriding.
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